Kushti is an ancient form of wrestling found in India. The matches take place in a pit of sand that is believed to give wrestlers strength. To win, you need to pin your opponents shoulders and hips to the ground simultaneously. 

To become a successful Kushti wrestler, you must give up everything and fully dedicate your life to the sport. They wake up at 3:30am to train six times a week for over six hours each day. Many come from poor families who send them to wrestling schools for a chance to earn higher income from competing. Some wrestlers go years without seeing their families, but they find family in each other and share a special brotherhood through their shared dedication to the sport. 

While Kushti is still very much alive in certain villages in India like Kolhapur, the nation has shifted its attention towards wrestling on a mat to cater to international competitions like the Olympics. This modern outlook on wrestling is creating major concern for the future of Kushti.